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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

No P-IV/CHQ/77-24/2011 Dated 19th Sept 2011
Notice regarding Holding of 24th Bi-ennial All India Conference of All India Postal Employees Union Postmen & MSE/Gr. 'D'
under Article 42(xi) & 44(c) (v), 11( iii) and 20 of union constitution.
It is hereby notified for all concerned that the 24th Bi-ennial All India Conference of All India Postal Employees Union
Postmen & MSE/ Group 'D' will be held from 08th to 09th Nov 2011 at Rituraj Manglik Bhavan, Indore (MP). The conference will start at
11.00 a.m. on 08th Nov 2011.
Notice for resolution if any on constitutional amendments shall reach the Central Headquarters not later than
31st October 2011.

The following shall be agenda.

1.Homage to martyrs and condolences to departed leaders.

2. (a) Adoption of Bi-ennial draft report of activities of the Union and ;
(b) Adoption of audited accounts for the year 2009-2010 and year 2010-2011

3. (a) Review of latest position of13th July 2010, called off by JCA & deferred strike 05th July 2011 - Charter of Demands.
(b) Review of Nationwide general Strike 07th Sept 2010.

4. Regularization of daily wager and part-time contingency paid workers.

5. 6th Pay Commission anomaly therein and our task.

6. Upgraded Pay Scale of Postmen with effect from 1.1.1996 and present Position of the case filed by the CHQ in Hon'ble
Supreme Court.

7. Cadre restructuring for postmen and MTS.

8. TA/DA for Mail Overseer on the same pattern of IPO/ASP

9. Timely Supply of superior quality of uniform and allied matters with Kit Book.

10. Shortage of Postmen & MTS staff.

11. Financial review of CHQ.

12. Staff Problem of Postmen and allied cadre and MTS staff including women staff.

13. Attack on Postal Services
a) Downsizing and franchising of postal outlets as Postal Shop.
b) Privatization of pre-mailing activities. Abolition/curtailment of postal deliveries / letter box clearances and abolition of
post of postmen and MTS etc.

14. Counting Speed Post Articles and other business mail in the work load of postmen staff.

15. Stop Speed Post hub /Delivery Hub /Mail Hub
a) Stop combination of beat of Postmen.
b) Stop single batch system in Metro and Big Cities.
c) Stop merger and closure of Post Offices.

16. Adopt scientific norms for postmen & MTS staff and include all premium services of business development in the work load.

17. Fix maximum length of beat after taking into account the height of multi storey buildings.

18. Compassionate appointment to the dependants of deceased postal employees.

19. PFRDA Bill in Parliament and new Pension Scheme.

20. Organizational review of :

a) Branch / Division / Circle.
b) CHQ / NFPE / Postal JCA / Confederation of CGE & Workers.
c) RJCM / Departmental Council / National Council.
d) Union Journals/Publication of CHQ.

21. CHQ Building at Ghaziabad

22. Amendment of the union constitution, if any.

23. Resolution on staff problems and policy programme of the union.

24. Election of Officer Bearers and Federal Councilor

25. Venue of the next All India Conference.

26. Closing address of the President.

27. Vote of thanks.

(I. S. Dabas )
General Secretary
Copy forwarded to :

1. DG (posts) N. Delhi.
2. All Principals CPMsG / Chief PMsG.
3. All Central Office Bearers.
4. All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries of AIPEU Postmen & Gr. 'D'
5. Secretary General NFPE
6. Postal Life/Indian Postmen.
7. O/c


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