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• Welcome to our website • We warmly welcome the new Postal Assistant recruits of Howrah Division. Our heartiest congratulations on your selection! • "Sangeet Sandhya" - 2014 held on 8th November 2014 at Sarat Sadan Howrah Maidan, was a huge success • 36th Biennial Joint Conference of our Divisional Union concluded on 26.04.2015 at Prasastha,Andul. 15th Book Grant Distribution ceremony was a huge success. 110 students received the book grant

Order for Filling Up of Vacant Sorting Postman, Cash O/S, Mail O/S Posts.

Thursday, 26 April 2012 0 comments

Vacant sorting postman, Cash O/S , Mail O/S , Head Postman posts will be filled up very soon by a special drive.

Important Zone Meeting on 21.04.2012 at 12 Zones. Don’t Miss It.

Thursday, 19 April 2012 0 comments

As per the decision of last working committee meeting, one day zone meeting will be held on next Saturday (21.04.2012) at 4:00 p.m. in the following 12 places . All members are requested to attend the zone meeting positively. You will get many new information in that meeting. So, all of you please attend the zone meeting on 21.04.2012 in any one of the following venues (nearest to your office) at 4:00 p.m. positively.

Serial No.     Name of the Office
1.                  AMTA.
2.                  ANDUL MOURI.
3.                  BAGNAN.
4.                  DOMJUR.
5.                  KONA.
6.                  LILUAH.
7.                  MUGKALLYAN.
8.                  MUNSHIRHAT.
9.                  PANCHLA.
10.                SHIBPUR.
11.                SHYAMPUR.
12.                ULUBERIA.

Note : Make the GDS Membership Verification a grand success !


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Our next Working Committee Meeting is going to be held on 18th April, 2012 at the Howrah Medical Hall (1st Floor) at 12:00 p.m. All working committee members of NFPE Group of Unions, Howrah Division are requested to attend the meeting positively.

The meeting is most important due to many burning issues, to be discussed there. So, all  Working Committee members are intimated to attend the same with every seriousness. Please don't miss it. If you have any problem regarding the timely relieving from your office to attend the said meeting with special casual leave, please contact your Secretary immediately.

Now take the challenge in this auspicious moment of ''Bangla Nabo Barsho''. Prepare for G.D.S. membership verification. ‘Shubho Naba Barsho’ to all of you !


Today is Poyla Boisakh, 1419, another happy moment in our life. From the NFPE Group of Unions, Howrah Division, wishing all of you ''SHUBHO NABABARSHO - 1419'', may this year be full of happiness and prosperity for you and your family.

To make this year a prosperous one for our union too, now you have to take the present challenge of G.D.S. Membership verification throughout the division due to change in the name of our G.D.S. Union, i.e., ALL INDIA POSTAL EMPLOYEES UNION - G.D.S. (NFPE).

So, all of our Working Committee members are requested to attend the extremely important next Working Committee meeting at Howrah Medical Hall on 18.04.2012 at 12:00 p.m. positively.

Don't hesitate to approach all good, steady and honest G.D.S. employees for this membership verification process. Let us take the challenge unitedly and make it a grand success !


G.D.S - D.A. Order Released

Friday, 13 April 2012 0 comments



Dak Bhawan
Sansad Marg
NEW DELHI-110 001
No.14-01/2011-PAP Dt.12th April,2012

All Chief Postmasters General,
All G.Ms.(PAF)/Director of Accounts (Postal).
Subject :- Payment of Dearness Allowance to Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) at revised rates with effect from 01-01-2012 onwards - Reg.

Consequent upon grant of another installment of dearness allowance with effect from 01st JANUARY, 2012 to Central Government Employees, vide Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure O.M. No.1(1)/2012-EII(B), dated 3rd April, 2011, duly endorsed vide this Department's letter No.8-1/2012-PAP Dated 3.4.12, the Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS), have also become entitled to the payment of dearness allowance on basic TRCA at the revised rate with effect from 01-01-2012. It has, therefore, been decided that the dearness allowance payable to the Gramin Dak Sevaks shall be enhanced from the existing rate of 58% to 65% on the basic Time Related Continuity Allowance, with effect from 1st January, 2012.

2. The additional installment of dearness allowance payable under this order shall be paid in cash to all Gramin Dak Sevaks. The payment of arrears of dearness allowance for the month of January to March, 2012, shall not be made before the date of disbursement of TRCA of March, 2012.

3. The expenditure on this account will be debited to the Sub Head 'Salaries' under the relevant head and should be met from the sanctioned grant.

4. This issues with the concurrence of Integrated Finance Wing vide their Diary No.104/FA/12/CS, dated 12TH April, 2012

                                                                                                                    Yours faithfully
                                                                                                       (KALPANA RAJSINGHOT)
                                                                                                             DIRECTOR (ESTT)
                                                                                                          TEL : 23096036/23036793

Closed Holiday on 14.04.2012 on account of Birthday of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar - Directorate order released

Thursday, 12 April 2012 0 comments

Closed Holiday on 14.04.2012 on account of Birthday of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar - Directorate Order

 The following order was released on 11.04.2012 

Clarificatory orders on GDS Transfer. May be helpful to you.


Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Dehil – 110 001
No.19-10/2004-GDS (Part) Dated:10 April, 2012


Chief Postmaster General
Kerala Circle
Thiruvananthapuram – 695 033


This has a reference to your office letter No.CO/LC/21/OA/12 dated 27th Mar 2012 received only on 29.03.2012 seeking advice if the various categories of the GDS Posts as prescribed in Rule 3 (d) of GDS (Conduct & Engagement) Rules, 2011 could be classified based on the skills or hierarchy or TRCA slabs within these categories.

2. The issue has been examined in this Directorate and I am directed to clarify the position as under;-
(a) Rule 3 (d) the Department of Posts, Gramin Dak Sevaks (Conduct and Engagement) Rules, 2011 currently recognizes only the five categories of Gramin Dak Sevaks i.e. GDS BPM, GDS MD, GDS MC, GDS Mail Packer and GDS Stamp Vendor.

(b) With the issue and implementation of orders relating to downgrading the EDSO's to EDBO's the category of GDS SPM is not in vogue. For the purposes of TRCA, Gramin Dak Sevaks are closed as three categories i.e. GDS BPM, GDSMD/SV & GDS MC/Packer, Their TRCA has been fixed based on pre-revised scales of pay of the corresponding categories of regular Government employees on pro-rata bases. Their TRCA is further based on workload assessed as per laid down norms and slabs.

(c) There is no concept of higher or lower post or skilled within a category and /or amongst various approved categories as recognized from time to time.For the purpose of direct recruitment to MTS Group C post, their seniority is reckoned with reference to date of entry in any GDS post based on seniority in the concerned division as a whole. There is no categorization of various GDS posts into 'White Collar' or 'Blue Collar' and such a classification is not also defined anywhere.

(d) The 'Recruiting Authority' mentioned in Rule 4 and further defined in the Scheduled annexed to the Department of Posts, Gramin Dak Sevaks (Conduct and Engagement) Rules, 2011 is based on working arrangement and for administrative convenience only. As the Gramin Dak Sevaks are entitled to protection under Article 311 (2) of the Constitution as held by Apex Court, the concerned authority will exercise his disciplinary jurisdiction as per the categories of GDS, for which one is designated as recruiting authority.

(e) The existing provisions governing Limited Transfer Facility do not prescribe any restriction for allowing transfer form one category to another and amongst the various categories of Posts irrespective of TRCA slabs prescribed for these categories and even from one wing to another i.e., RMS to Postal or vice versa. The requirement is fulfilled of required qualification and other conditions for limited transfer facility.
(f) While circulating the Department of Posts, Gramin Dak Sevaks (Conduct and Employment) Rules. 2001 vide DG letter No. 22-1/2000-ED & Trg dated 24.04.2001, it was clearly provided in Para 4(ix) of letter dated 24.04.2001 that "executive instructions issued and published below the respective rules as also those brought out in other sections such as method of recruitment, etc of Swamy's Compilation of Service Rules for the Postal ED Staff shall also stand revised / amended mutandis in keeping with the amended / revised rules. Thus, the executive instructions providing for method of recruitment issued prior to circulation of the 2001 rules was provided by amending the Note II (iv) of Rule 3 of Rules and in accordance with the amended provision, limited Transfer Facility was provided under this Directorate letter No. 19-10/2004- GDS dated 17.07.2006 subject to terms and conditions mentioned therein.

(g) Hon'ble Supreme Court in the case of UOI Others vs. Kameshwar Prasad 1998 SCC (L&S) page 447 wherein the system and object of engaging EDA's and their status was considered and adjudicated upon, Held that P&T Extra Department Agent (C&S)Rules, 1964 are a complete code governing service, conduct and disciplinary proceedings against EDA's P&T EDA's Rules, 1964 were repealed and a fresh set of rules replacing the earlier rules was issued under GDS (Conduct & Employment) Rules, 2001 and thereafter 2001 rules have also been replaced by GDS (Conduct & Engagement) Rules, 2011.

(h) So far protection of TRCA is concerned, this Directorate letter No. 14-16/2001-PAP(Pt.) dated 11.10.2004 issued in supersession to all previous provisions provided for protection of TRCA on reduction of workload and redeployment of staff on abolition of post and not in cases where redeployment was made on request. These provisions were not applicable under transfers which have occurred under Limited Transfer Facility extended to GDS under this Directorate letter No. 19-10/2004-GDS dated 17.07.2006. Para 3 (iii) of this Directorate letter dated 17.07.2006 prescribed that TRCA of the new post shall be fixed after assessment of actual workload of the post measured with respect to the cycle beat in respect of GDS MD/MC/Packer/Mail Messenger in this Directorate letter No. 14-11/97-PAP dated 1.10.1987. Based on this analogy, the incumbents of GDS BPM post in terms of points. This Directorate vide letter No. 19-10/2004-GDS (part) dated 21.07.2010 prescribed further that on transfer to a new post, the GDS cannot have any claim for protection of their TRCA drawn in the old post and his/her TRCA will be fixed at the minimum of the TRCA slab of the transferred post depending upon the workload of the said post.

(i) The power to allow transfer under the Limited Transfer Facility is vested only with the Head of the Circle and not with any other lower functionary. The position on this has recently been clarified under No.19-10/2004-GDS (part) dated 19.03.2012.

3. In view of the foregoing, immediate action may please be taken to get rectified the stand in conformity with the above. In order to avoid controversies and different stands before the Court of Law in future, prior consultation/approval of the Head of the Circle in each court case is prescribed to the mandatory required before taking a stand before the Court of Law.

(Surender Kumar)
Assistant Director General GDS/PCC
Copy to:-

All Heads of Postal Circles except Kerala Circle- for information & disseminating the contenets to the notice of all concerned for strict compliance.

Revised D.A. rates for Central Government Employees - Effective from 01.01.2012

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Scanned Copy of the Order :-


Download the Order

Congratulations to the newly elected GDS CHQ leaderships.

Sunday, 8 April 2012 0 comments

Heartiest Congratulations !!!

Com. P. Pandurangarao, BPM, Akkagaripeta  (Pellakur S.O ) in Gudur division has been unanimously elected as General Secretary & Com. Bijay Gopal Sur ( Our Circle Secretary of GDS Union ) has been elected as President of All India Postal Employees Union GDS (NFPE), a newly formed All India union under the guideline of NFPE with assistance of AIPEU, Group - C,CHQ & AIPEU, Postmen & MSE ( Group -D ),CHQ in All India conference held at Gurukunj Ashramam ( Amaravathi ), Maharastra from 06-04-2012 to 07-04-2012. All three unions of Howrah Division congratulates them & wish them all success in the coming days.

New GDS Union Formed Under The Guidance Of NFPE.

Saturday, 7 April 2012 0 comments


A new union of Gramin Dak Sevak comrades (erstwhile Extra Departmental) has been formed at Amaravathi, Marashtra. The name of the new organisation is 'ALL INDIA POSTAL EMPLOYEES UNION - GDS (NFPE)'.

During past few years, resentment was fuming inside GDS comrades against the nontransparencies, doubtful activities, autocratic style of functioning of the General Secretary (CHQ), AIPEDEU, S.S. Mahadevaiyah. We are sorry to mention that he is the General Secretary of the poor GDS employees but he is accustomed to lead a luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle. Moreover, he was totally reluctant to launch effective movements or conflicts against the administration even when GDS 'Employment' Rules was substituted by GDS 'Engagement' Rules, thereby actually converting the GDS cadre equivalent to Casual Labours. Rather, he preferred to spend his time more to campaign against and malign NFPE, though everyone knows that the names 'NFPE' and 'GDS' are synonyms to each other. On the other hand, he never bothered to explain numerous confusions and questions arose in the minds of the members regarding him. In the ongoing All India Conference, he tried to continue same style of functioning and impose on everybody, but comrades were not ready to accept this any more. GDS comrades and NFPE had tried their best to retain the unity of Postal Employees, but finally the General Secretary, GDS Union, compelled us to divide the unity. For the struggling force, there was no other alternative but to form a new Union for the interest of GDS and Postal Employees as a whole.

Finally, a large number of delegates from various Circles, attending the All India Conference of AIPEDEU at Amaravathi, Maharashtra, walked out from the house protesting the activities of S.S.Mahadevaiyah and formed the new All India Union.

The All India Committee of 'AIPEU-GDS (NFPE)' is headed by the following comrades :-

President : Com. Bijoy Gopal Sur (West Bengal)
General Secretary : Com. Pandu Rao (A.P.Circle)
Treasurer : Com. Murgham (Kerala).

Due to the prevailing situation, the GDS comrades fighting to form a struggling organisation with the banner of NFPE, sought help from and were advised appropriately from different corners of the country by prominent leaders like Com. M.Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE, Com. K.Raghavendran (Working President, Confederation & former S.G., NFPE), Com. K.V.Sridharan (G.S., Group-C), Com. I.S.Dabas (G.S., Postmen & MSE/Gr-D), and Com. Tapan Dasgupta (Circle President Group-C, West Bengal) & Com. Asit Das (General Secretary, SBCO, West Bengal).
Our Federation (NFPE) is committed to guide, support and nourish the development of this organisation and confident that soon this organisation will emerge as the pioneer of the GDS movement in coming days. The task of all Circle/Branch/Divisional Secretaries and organisers will be to jump into action immediately to shape the newly formed AIPEU GDS (NFPE) everywhere. This is the lesson of history that the struggling force emerges as the main and the largest platform of the workers. The case of BSNL workers is a glaring example. But it will not happen automatically. We have to make it possible.

In this backdrop, All Branch / Divisional Secretaries are required to remain present in the extended circle working committee meeting in Kolkata on 12th April in person without fail, where the situation and our responsibilities will be discussed in details. We are happy to announce that Com. K.N.Parashar, Dy. Secretary General, NFPE, who was present in open session of All India Conference of AIPEDEU and delivered a nice speech for the struggling GDS employees, will be present in our Extended Circle Working Meeting.

The above post was published in our Circle UNION's website today. Due to its importance, reproduced here for the information of all our members.

D.A. Orders issued by the Finance Ministry

Wednesday, 4 April 2012 0 comments

Enhanced D.A. (w.e.f 01/01/2012) orders have been issued by the finance ministry vide Memo No.1.(1)-2012-E-II (B) dated 03/04/2012. Now revised D.A. from 01/01/2012 is 65%.

D.A. Order

Congratulation Comrades! All of you have done a great job! Opening of Franchisee Outlet stopped immediately.

Sunday, 1 April 2012 0 comments

On Friday 30th March, it came to our notice that the R.O. was creating immense pressure on our Divisional Super to open at least one or two Franchisee Outlet in our Howrah Division. Immediately, our divisional comrades of three unions took a good & bold decision to protest against such a  move. As the Divisional Secretary of Group-C Union was out of station, rest of the leaderships of NFPE Group of Unions, Howrah Division, organized strong demonstration in front of the chamber of SSPOs & the divisional super ultimately halted the process to open any franchisee outlet in our division. Congratulation and Red Salute to all Comrades who has taken an active part in that move.

Our Circle Union, in their website congratulated them with these lines,  

''recently Circle Unions have written twice to the Circle Head reiterating the stand of NFPE against expansion of postal service in this fashion by inviting private players slowly. It was one of the strike demands also by the Postal JCA. Please recall that we are against Franchisee Outlets because it opens up our business to private parties slowly and silently."

Circle Union congratulates member of Howrah Division for our sensible movement even in absence of Group-C divisional secretary and requests all of our divisional unions to react instantly and obstruct such effort wherever and whenever it is noticed and to contact Circle Union immediately.

This attempt was stopped by our instant strong protests, but very surprisingly it has to be mentioned that, there was no trade union activities against this act, from the National Unions, Howrah Division !

So, Comrades, let us be aware of any further steps from the administration in future. Be alert and protect our department.

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