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• Welcome to our website • We warmly welcome the new Postal Assistant recruits of Howrah Division. Our heartiest congratulations on your selection! • "Sangeet Sandhya" - 2014 held on 8th November 2014 at Sarat Sadan Howrah Maidan, was a huge success • 36th Biennial Joint Conference of our Divisional Union concluded on 26.04.2015 at Prasastha,Andul. 15th Book Grant Distribution ceremony was a huge success. 110 students received the book grant

Congratulations for his success and red salute to Com. K.V.SRIDHARAN, G.S., C.H.Q., on his superannuation !!!

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Now its a new day, an important day for us, i.e.,31.05.2012. Not due to the so called 'BANDH' called by the political activists, but it's important for all of us due to another reason! Yes, this is the last day of the month. Yes, the sweetest day of every month, for which not only the employees are looking for, their better half are also interested due to the same reason ! But, today the 31.05.2012 is important to us not due to all these reasons. Because, today is the day of superannuation of our beloved General Secretary Com. K.V.SRIDHARAN. Its not to mention that all of our members congratulating him, wishing him a long and healthy happy retired life from the core of our heart. But its the time to ask question to all of us, that will we allow him to be retired from the post of our G.S.?

We think, there is no question of that. Due to the Government rulings, he will be retired today, from the department and from his chair. But, for us, there is no such question to retire from any chair. Because, our beloved G.S. K.V.S. is in our every drop of  trade union blood ! We love him too much and also we need him tremendously ! Because, he is also one of those comrades, who has taken active part in the transformation process of our CHQ, which was too much needed in these days. So, we hope that our Deputy G.S. will take active regular support from him and K.V.S. will give us same support  in the coming crucial days.

So,we are requesting all our comrades to pray for our beloved General Secretary's health & also congratulate him for his huge success in every field. Let us take an oath to complete the remaining work, with the active and strong support of our charming, energetic, encouraging General Secretary with robust optimism !


What a Great Event! Children of our employees are continuously shining in the field of Education ! This time in the Madhyamik Pariksha, 2012 ! Congratulations to all of them and their family members !!!

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Its again our pleasure to inform all of you, that the children of our various employees are continuously proving their talent in the field of education.

It has been proved again, when the result of Madhyamik Pariksha, 2012 was published today. Km. SAYANI  HAZRA, the daughter of Com. Tarun Hazra (P.A., Domjur S.O.), of Khasmorah High School, scored 632(90.29%); while Km. PRATHAMA HALDAR, daughter of Com. Ramesh Haldar (P.A., Andul Mouri S.O.), scored 622 (88.86%).

In the above two cases, obviously the parents of the candidates were extremely supportive. Which also proves that our departmental employees are much concerned and well-versed with their children's education.

Wait ! The biggest surprise is yet to be divulged. We are extremely proud and excited giving the following information. And it is bound to give you a great deal of happiness and satisfaction. Km. Ranjabati Chatterjee, the daughter of Sri Rajanikanta Chatterjee (G.D.S. Employee, at present OFFG. Gr-D, B. Garden S.O.), has scored 643 (91.86%) ! So far the highest in our knowledge amongst our employees children.

What a great achievement !! Congratulations to all of them !!!

We are providing some of their subject wise scores:-

Physical Science
Life Science

Prathama Haldar's detailed scores are not available with us, but our sources confirmed that she has scored 99 out of 100 in the Mathematics

The above projections of marks is in itself a testimony to the fact that not only the departmental employees but also the G.D.S Employee's responsibility and tutelage towards their children's education. In future Ranjabati wants to pursue 'SPACE SCIENCE'. 

Best wishes & Good Luck to all of them. We also request all to support them in their endeavour. There may be so many candidates like the above three, we are in search of them. Please intimate us, if you have any other new information regarding that.

G.P.F. Interest Increased to 8.8 %

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Government of India
Ministry of Finance
(Department of Economic affairs)

New Delhi, the 22nd May, 2012


                        It is announced for general information that during the year 2012-2013, accumulations at the credit of subscribers to the General Provident Fund and other similar funds shall carry interest at the rate of 8.8% (Eight point eight per cent) per annum. This rates will be in force during the financial year beginning on 1.4.2012.

The funds concerned are :-

1. The General Provident Fund (Central Services).
2. The Contributory Provident Fund (India).
3. The All India Services Provident Fund.
4. The State Railway Provident Fund.
5. The General Provident Fund (Defence Services).
6. The Indian Ordnance Department Provident Fund.
7. The Indian Ordnance Factories Workmen’s Provident Fund.
8. The Indian Naval Dockyard Workmen’s Provident Fund.
9. The Defence Services Officers Provident Fund.
10. The Armed Forces Personnel Provident Fund.

2. Ordered that the Resolution be published in Gazette of India.

(Brajendra Navnit)
Deputy Secretary (Budget)

Discussion with Secretary, Department of Posts on 21.05.2012 – Gist reproduced from the website of our CHQ.

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Secretary, Department of Posts, Mrs. Manjula Prashar held discussions with the leaders of NFPE and FNPO on 21.05.2012. Ms. Yasodhara Menon, Member (Personnel), Sri. Salim Haque, DDG (P), Sri. V. P. Singh, DDG (Estt) and Sri. Subhash Chander, Director (SR) were also present. The staff side was represented by Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General NFPE, Sri. T. N. Rahate, President, FNPO, Com. K. V. Sridharan, General Secretary, P3 & Leader, Staff Side Departmental Council JCM, Com. Giriraj Singh, General Secretary, R3 & Secretary, Staff Side, Com. Iswar Singh Dabas, General Secretary, P4, Com. Pranab Bhattacharjee, General Secretary, Admin. Union, Com. T. Satyanarayana, General Secretary, AIPAEA, Sri. H. N. Siddiqui, General Secretary, R4 (FNPO). Item wise discussion was held and following decisions arrived at.

1.  Separate orders communicating the decision that no mail office will be closed for next three years and no dislocations of staff to places outside headquarters.
        Instructions issued vide letter no. 28-8/2011-D dated 14.05.2012  (copy already given). Staff side pointed out that the meeting with Member (Operations) to discuss the issues arising out of implementation of L1, L2 has not been taken place, inspite of the clear orders given by Secretary, Posts. It is assured that the meeting with Member (O) will be arranged on 29.05.2012 after noon.

2.  Orders communicating the decision about no closure/merger of post offices if no simultaneous relocation is possible.
        Instructions issued vide letter No. 40-6/2011-Plg (Pt)f dated 21.02.2012. Copy of the orders will be supplied to the staff side.

3.  Revision of wages to Casual labourers and absorption
        At present, the draft memo placed to the Postal service Board is at the approval stage. It may require two more weeks after outcome of the decision of the Postal Services Board on the issues of revision of wages and absorption.

4.     Revised recruitment Rules for Group D and Postmen as agreed upon and syllabus for Group D examination.
        Clearance from DOP&T has already been received. Files bearing NOs            37 - 33 / 2009 - SPB - I concerned with the subject matter is already under submission to Ministry of Law for vetting the draft for amendment in Recruitment Rules of Postmen/MTS. On Receipt of the same from M.O Law, the RRs will be sent to Government press for necessary Gazette notification. Action for filling up the vacancies of Postmen and MTS for the year 2011 and 2012 will be taken after that.

5.         Revision of cash handling norms to GDS and ensuring no reduction of TRCA under any circumstances and enhancing the Bonus ceiling to 3500/- and revise the cash allowance to BPM-at the rate of Rs. 50/- per trip instead of a month.
        Protection of allowance (TRCA) and cash handling - order will be issued shortly as assured by the Minister of States, Communications. Regarding the enhancing of Bonus ceiling to Rs. 3500/- a proposal has been submitted to Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure for approval on 22.03.2011.
        Regarding the issue of cash allowance to GDS for remittance of cash, the case is under process.

6.         Orders revising the instructions liberalizing the powers to the Divisional heads instead of Circle heads in case of tenure posting to C and B class offices.
        Orders under issue.

7.         Reiteration of the earlier instructions on the grant of special pay to unqualified Accountants & counting of Special allowance for pay fixation without filing SLP against Bangalore High Court Judgement.
        Regarding unqualified Accountants special allowance orders are under issue. Regarding counting of special allowance for pay fixation CPMG Karnataka Circle has been asked to file SLP, in the Apex Court on the advise of the Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure.

8.         Circulation of clarification given to Punjab Circle to the remaining circles also in respect of protection of pay of defunct PO & RMS Accountants.
        Integrated Finance wing has sought some further inputs on the issue and action is being taken thereon.

9.     Orders on forcible allotment of staff quarters to the town SOs Sub Postmasters as post attached quarters.
        Instructions issued vide memo no. 18-9/2010-Bldg dtd. 10.05.2012.

10.   Non supply of balance statement of NPS to the officials as on 31.03.2011
        The statement of transactions (SOTs) of the subscribers of Central Govt. for the period 1.4.10 to 30.06.2011 have already been dispatched to the subscribers in the format approved by PFRDA by NSDL Mumbai vide letter dated 19.9.11. All the Directors of Accounts (Postal) have been informed about the dispatch of SOT vide letter No. 6-5/PA Book-I/NPS Procedure/2011-12/1960-89 dated 018.11.11.
        The staff side reported that the required balance statement is still not circulated to the concerned. It is assured that this aspect will be examined and further action will be taken.

11.   Enhancement of Financial powers of LSG, HSG II and HSG-I
        This is under examination.

12.   Enhancing the honorarium for invigilators engaged in departmental examinations.
        Orders issued vide No. A.34020/17/2008-De dated 26.04.2012.

13.   Allowing physically handicapped officials for appearing IPO Examinations.
        Under active consideration in consultation with Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

14.   Orders on drawal of cash handling allowance to Treasurers, Accountants irrespective of their position in the MACP.
        A reference has been made to the DOPT in this regard. The argument of the staff side that it should be decided in the department itself will be considered and decided shortly.

15.   Finalisation of the cadre Review proposals:
        It is assured that the proposals of the committee will be finalised before 30.06.2012. The next sitting of the committee will be held on 29.05.2012 forenoon.

16.   Payment of incentive instead of honorarium for attending the PLI/RPLI work at Divisional offices after decentralization.
        Case has already been processed and is in pipeline.

17.   Orders for repatriation of officials deputed for PLI/RPLI work to CO/RO to their home divisions
        All officials deputed for PLI/RPLI work to RO/CO from Divisional have been asked to be repatriated vide letter No. 30-1/2010/LI dated 27.01.2012.

18.   Allowing Postmaster cadre officials to appear for IPO/PSS Group B examination.
        The proposal has been examined and as observed, it does not fall in line with the existing instructions as these are two different streams and the postmaster cadre Recruitment Rules clearly says that these officials will not have any claim in the promotional channel of General  line officials. The staff side insisted that postmaster cadre officials should not be deprived of the promotional chances of their counterpart in the general line against IPO/PSS Group B posts. Further they demanded that 100% of Senior Postmasters Posts should be reserved for the Postmasters cadre alone. It was agreed to have a relook into the entire issue.

19.   Orders permitting postmaster cadre officials to officiate in HSG-I vacancies.
        The matter has been examined. Not found feasible as per Recruitment Rules. On insistence of the staff side it is agreed to have a relook in to the matter.

20.   DO letter from Member (P) to all Circles heads to fill up all posts of Sorting Postmen, Mail overseers, cash overseer and Head Postmen
        Orders issued vide No. 37-4/2012-SPB-I dated 19.04.2012

21.   Allowing MTS to decline promotion to postmen cadre under seniority quota without loosing MACP promotion.
        Orders will be issued shortly.

22.   Reiteration of the instructions for rotational transfer for SBCO staff by notifying clusture of divisions.
        Orders issued vide No. 141-91/2012-SPB-II dated 02.04.2012

23.   Issue instructions to all for ensuring filling up of all sanctioned LR Posts.
        Orders will be issued shortly.

24.   Prompt grant of child care leave – Issue instructions
        Instructions reiterated vide letter No. 51-3/2011-SPB-II dated 10.05.2012.

25.   Clarifications to be issued on MACP as agreed upon on the following.
        (i) MACP will not be deferred on the ground of contemplated disciplinary/Vigilence proceedings.
        Orders under issue.
        (ii) Instructions on review of ACRs/APArs by Scrutiny committee.
        Orders issued to complete the process before 30.06.2012, if not already done vide memo No. 4-7/(MACP)/2009-PCC (Part) Dt. 15.05.2012.
        (iii) Recovery orders by DA(P) in the matter of pay fixation of MACP in case of MTS.
               This will be sorted out early.
        (iv) Cases relating to declining promotion prior to the issue of MACP orders (Prior to 2009)
               Orders under issue.

26.   Issuing clear instructions to all Chief PMGs that in the city areas where RO/Cos are situated decentralization of RPLI/PLI should not be done to city postal divisions, instead the work will be done by RO/CO staff as done before.
        Agreed to issue detailed instructions to all Chief PMGs/PMGs in additional to the instructions already issued on 27.01.2012.

27.   Issue orders on the terms finalized by the Postmen Committee and also follow up action on the certain items to be referred to work study unit.
        The recommendations of the committee are under process. Orders will be issued on all the agreed items.

28.   Cadre restructuring and settlement of Group – D and sorter issue relating to Postal Accounts.
        Cadre restructuring proposal sent to Integrated Finance wing for their concurrence is at present with Postal Estt Branch. It is assured to expedite case.
        Group D & Sorter anomaly: The information has been called for from all circle postal accounts offices. On receipt of the same the case will be examined further.

29.   Follow up action on Civil Wing issues.
        The R/Rules are presently pending with M/o Law & Justice.  Will be notified immediately after it is cleared and further action will be taken.

30.  Examination of CRC & EPF norms
            Logistics Posts: Committee formed to work out the handling norms of Logistics Post has submitted its report. In view of observation of IFA(BD), DDG(Estt) has been addressed to provide extant provision for formulation of handling norms for new/existing service so that recommendations of committee can be further examined.  Reply is awaited from DDG(Estt).
            EPP: a Committee has been formed to work out the handling norms for EPP.  The Committee has carried out preliminary exercise in its first meeting.  Recommendations of the meeting are awaited.
The staff side raised the following issues also and position is explained as under:
(i)        PA/SA Recruitment for 2011 and 2012- Orders issued. Time line will be fixed for calling for applications, examination etc.
(ii)      Postmen, MTS posts filling – orders will be issued alter notifying the revised recruitment rules removing 25% outside recruitment in Postmen cadre and related changes in MTS RRS.
(iii)    System administrators TA case – will be reexamined, Staff side may submit a detailed note.
(iv)     HSG-I Recruitment Rules – Pursuing vigorously with DOPT, UPSC etc. It is in the final stage.
(v)       Station tenure orders of Group – C employees – Clarificatory orders are under issue.
(vi)     Revision of OTA rates – case already taken up with Finance Ministry Staff Side is requested to submit fresh proposals.
(vii)   JCM standing committee minutes – Copy of Action Taken report supplied to staff side.
Subjects will be called for the next periodical meeting.

Com. Nani Banerjee – Ex-Deputy General Secretary, our beloved leader of Circle Union is no more.

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Com. Nani Banerjee, the vetern leader of P3 and NFPTE movement, breathed his last today morning. Com. Nani Banerjee was the treasurer of C.H.Q. from 05.05.1968 to 16.03.1978. Thereafter he served as the Deputy General Secretary till 20.04.1997. His services to the C.H.Q. will always be remembered.

              We pay our respectful homage to the departed leader & dip our banner in memory of him. We convey our deepest condolences to bereaved family members. We have received this painful news from our CHQ's website.

Hunger fast programme in front of Dak Bhawan & CPMG offices deferred.

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From the CHQ, Latest informations from our General Secretary :-

''Secretary Department of Posts, informed that discussion with Secretary Generals and General Secretaries NFPE/FNPO will be held at 11AM on 21.05.2012 at Dak Bhawan to take concrete decision on remaining items of the Charter of Demands. More orders issued after the announcement of Hunger Fast programme. Remaining items will be clinched in the 21st meeting. In view of the above, THE CENTRAL JCA UNANIMOUSLY DECIDED TO DEFER THE HUNGER FAST PROGRAMME IN FRONT OF DAK BHAWAN AND CPMG OFFICES'' -- as intimated by our G.S., Com. K. V. Sridharan.

So, we have to wait for some days, for the latest outcome of that meeting scheduled to be held on 21.05.2012. Lets wait and watch. Its very crucial for us.

What a Great Achievement! One of our Member’s son, Sriman Suman Ganguly ranked 62 in the WB-JEE 2012 (Medical) !

Friday, 18 May 2012 1 comments

A great news for our postal family; one of our bona fide members, Sri Shiburam Ganguly's son Sriman Suman Ganguly ranked 62 in Medical and 2960 in Engineering in WB-JEE 2012. Its our great pleasure to congratulate both of them for this remarkable achievement. 

We will primarily congratulate them at Howrah H.O. tomorrow. With this post, we are requesting every one to be with him and try to help him to become a good doctor in future ! 

Comrade Shiburam Ganguly is a Postman at Santragachi S.O. We also congratulate him for his strong support to his son to win this battle in such a manner ! 


To gain in the membership modification process, F.N.P.O. Group of Union's, Howrah Division again breaking the rules !

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Once again the F.N.P.O. Group of Postal Union's, Howrah Division, broke the rules of membership verification for irregular and illegal enhancement of their memberships in all cadres, utilizing the power of the chair of Postmaster Salkia H.O., occupied by one of their union members, Sri Harish Banerjee (Offg. P.M., Salkia H.O.).

                   After the black days, during the period of our last divisional super (when F.N.P.O. induced such 6 members in their list, who were yet to join the department on the date of submission of forms), Sri H.P.Kora, our present S.S.P.O's, at that time, had taken necessary action to stop the attempt of National Union, Group - C, Howrah  Division and cancelled all those 6 forms submitted by the N.A.P.E., Group - C.

                    Again this year, the F.N.P.O. Group of Unions, Howrah Division has submitted some membership application forms at the Salkia H.O. after the due date and very surprisingly the Offg. Postmaster Salkia H.O., Sri Harish Banerjee has accepted and received those forms on 05.05.2012 (the last date was 30.04.2012 !!), i.e., after the last date of submission of the same and forwarded those to the Divisional Superintendent's office for consideration!

                    The divisional administration indulged in the event by not taking any action against the P.M., Salkia H.O. till date (utilizing the plea of absence of our present S.S.P.O's, who is on leave due to self illness), which is highly irregular. We have already lodged our protest very strongly against these kind of irregularity to the Offg. SSPO's and demanded immediate strong action against the official at fault, as per the departmental rules. Otherwise it will compel us to start massive trade union activities throughout the division. We want immediate intervention of our Circle Union for the punishment of the official at fault.

The first conference of A.I.P.E.U. - G.D.S. (N.F.P.E.), Howrah Division on 10th June at BAGNAN.

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The first conference of our newly formed G.D.S. Union, A.I.P.E.U. - G.D.S. (N.F.P.E.), Howrah Division will be held at the ''BANDHAN'' Hall in KHALORE, BAGNAN ( beside Chitrabani Cinema Hall ) on 10th June 2012 from 10:00 a.m. Every G.D.S. & other members are requested to attend the conference with all seriousness and make it a grand success. There will be arrangement of lunch at the venue. Circle & All India level leaders will be present there. So, spread the word and attend the same.

One of Our B.P.M. of Tamil Nadu Circle becomes an I.A.S. Officer! What a Great Achievement !

Monday, 7 May 2012 0 comments


One Selvi S. ARUNADEVI, GDS BPM, Uralpatti BO in account with Komaralingam SO, under  Udamalapet HPO, of Tamil Nadu Circle ,has come out successful in all forms of IAS (Indian Administrative Service) examination (Preliminary, Main & Interview) in one attempt.

She did her school studies in a rural school and college studies in a private college at Udamalapet. She brought up from a poor family background. She prepared for the IAS on her own without any coaching. A very poor GDS from a rural background, studied not in any reputed corporate  institutions and without any coaching, coming out successful in IAS, is a great achievement.

Please congratulate her and convey your greetings....her Contact No.- 09659 490913

Informations taken from the website of CHQ.

Department called Express Of Interest from the bidders to create Post Bank of India.

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Dear Comrades,

                Postal department invited Expression of Interest from the Bidders to submit detailed Project report to Create Post Bank Of India. The last date for submitting the applications are 24/05/2012 and the bids will be opened on 25/05/2012. In the tender document it is clearly mentioned the objectives for setting up the Post Bank Of India are as follows :

  1. Provide banking which means the accepting, for  the purpose of lending or   investment, of deposit of money from the public, repayable on demand or otherwise, and withdrawal by Cheque, draft, order or otherwise. PBI will be engaged in various types of banking as mentioned in Section 6 of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949.
  2. Provide banking services with special focus on  rural areas.
  3. Provide means of additional revenue generation for the DOP .
  4. Ride on the Core Banking Solution which is proposed to be provided in all the post offices.
  5. Provide a platform for financial inclusion.
  6. Provide higher order value added services to over 250 Million existing Post Office Savings Bank account holders.

Brace yourself to take the challenges in the near future. Definitely it will be a tough tomorrow for the existing departmental set up. We have to face more threats of privatization in the coming days. So, let's prepare for that battle .  

March to Parliament on 26.07.2012.

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The date of March to Parliament has been fixed on 26th July 2012. Comrades have to reach by 25th July. Three Comrades, one from  each divisional union will attend the movement at New Delhi.

There will be intensive nationwide campaign programme in June and July 2012 demanding immediate constitution of next pay body, removal of MACP anomalies etc.

NFPE & FNPO decides to conduct one day fast in front of Dak Bhawan and all chief PMG offices on 21.05.2012.






Ref: JCA/AGTN/2012                                                                                     Dated 02.05.2012

Mrs. Manjula Prashar
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001


                 Sub: -  Undue delay in settlement of agreed items of the strike charter of Demands.

                 Ref: -   Our letter even no. dated 22.03.2012

                            Kindly refer to our letter dated 22.03.2012 on the above subject (copy enclosed for ready reference) where in we have brought to your notice the undue delay taking place in settling the already agreed items of the charter of Demands. It is regretted to inform you that evenafter a lapse of one month no remarkable improvement has taken place and more or less the position remains almost the same.

                               In view of the above, notice is hereby given that the secretary Generals of NFPE & FNPO and also all other General Secretaries shall be sitting on one day hunger fast in front of the Dak Bhawan and also in front of all Chief PMG offices on 21st May 2012, Monday from 10.00 AM to 05.00 PM demanding settlement of the agreed items without any further delay. We hope that the administration shall come forward to settle the issues amicably as we do no intent to precipitate the issues further to a stage of confrontation and direct action.

                                                           Awaiting favourable response,
                                                                                             Yours faithfully,
     (M. Krishnan)                                                                                         D. Theagarajan
Secretary General, NFPE                                                                      Secretary General, FNPO


Ref: JCA/AGTN/2012                                                                                 Dated – 22.03.2012

Mrs. Manjula Prashar
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001


                       Sub: - Undue delay in settlement of agreed items on the Charter of Demands.

           A kind attention is invited to the discussions we had during strike Charter of demands and also further assurances to us that unlike in the past whatever assured during discussions will be implemented without any delay.
           But to our dismay, many of the assured items are still not disposed of favourably and even the clarifications assured to be issued are still pending. Further it is learnt that the Internal Finance is rejecting the assurances given by Minister for state for communication and also the Secretary, Department of Posts. which causes a serious concern.  The following are the few items in which categorical assurance had been ensured in the minutes of the meeting and also during discussions.
1.    Separate orders communicating the decision that no mail office will be closed for next three years and no dislocation of staff to places outside headquarters.
2.    Orders communicating the decisions about no closure/merger of Post offices if no simultaneous relocation is possible.
3.    Revision of wages to casual labourers & absorption.
4.    Revised recruitment Rules for Group D & Postman as agreed and syllabus for Group ‘D’ examination (25% from GDS) & Postmen/Mailguard.
5.    Revision of cash handling norms to GDS & ensuring no reduction of TRCA under any circumstances and enhancing the Bonus ceiling to 3500/- & revise the cash allowance to BPM at the rate of Rs.50/- per trip instead of month.
6.   Orders revising the instructions liberalizing the powers to the divisional heads instead of circle heads in case of tenure posting to C and B Class offices.
7.   Reiteration of earlier instructions on the Grant of Special pay to unqualified Accountants & Counting of Special Allowance for pay fixation without filling SLP against Bangalore High Court judgment.
8.   Circulation of clarification given to Punjab circle to the remaining circles also in respect of protection of pay of defunct PO & RMS Accountants.
9.   Orders on forcible allotment of staff quarters to the town SOs SPMs as post attached quarters.
10.  Non supply of balance statement of NPS to the official as on 31.03.2011.
11.  Enhancement of financial powers to LSG, HSG II & HSG I.
12.  Enhancing the honorarium for invigilators engaged in departmental examinations.
13.  Allowing the physically handicapped candidates for appearing IPO examinations.
14.  Orders on drawal of Cash handling allowance to Treasurers, Accountants irrespective of their position in MACP.
15.  Finalisation of cadre review proposals before 31.3.2012.
16.  Payment of incentive instead of honorarium for attending the PLI/RPLI work at divisional offices after decentralization.
17.  Orders for repatriation of officials deputed for PLI/RPLI work to CO/RO to their home divisions.
18.  Allowing the Postmaster’s cadre officials to appear for IPO/PSS Group B examination.
19.  Orders permitting the Postmaster Cadre officials to officiate in HSG I vacancies.
20.  DO letter from Member (P) to all circle heads to fill up all posts of Sorting Postmen, Mail overseer, cash overseer & Head Postmen.
21.  Allowing MTS to decline promotion to postmen cadre under seniority quota without loosing MACP promotion.
22.  Reiteration of instructions for rotational transfer for SBCO staff by notifying cluster of divisions.
23.  Issue instructions to all for ensuring filling up of all sanctioned LR posts.
24.  Prompt grant of child care leave – Issue of instructions.
25.  Clarifications to be issued on MACP as agreed upon on the following:
(i)     MACP will not be deferred on the ground at contemplated disciplinary/vigilance proceedings.
(ii)   Instructions on review of ACRs/APARs by scruitiny committees.
(iii) Recovery orders by DAP in the matter of pay fixation on MACP in case of MTS
(iv)  Cases relating to declining promotion prior to issue of MACP order (Prior to 2009)
26.  Issuing clear instructions to all Chief PMGs that in the city areas where RO/Cos are situated decentralisation of RPLI/PLI should not be done to city Postal Divisions, instead the work will be done by RO/CO staff as done before.
27.  Issuing orders on the items finalized by the Postmen committee and also follow up action on certain items to be referred to work study unit.
28.  Cadre-restructuring and settlement of Group D and sorter anomaly issues relating to Postal Accounts.
29.  Follow up action on civil wing employees issues.
30.  Examination of CRC & EPP norms.

Apart from the above, the minutes of the standing committee (JCM) and also the reply to the items already discussed in the strike charter but included on JCM items are yet to be issued.
It is constrained to inform that in the event of non settlement of the above items within one month we have decided to observe one day token fast in front of Directorate by all the General Secretaries.
  We trust that your will effectively intervene and maintain tranquility in service.
                                       With profound regards,
D. Theagarajan                                                                                   M. Krishnan
Secretary General                                                                            Secretary General
FNPO                                                                                                   NFPE

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Celebrate May Day in it's true spirit

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May Day as ….

Age as a spring festival : Well over 2,000 years old.

Age as official International Workers' Day : 126 years.

As a Spring Festival :-

Earliest Origin

The earliest May Day celebrations appeared in pre-Christian times, with the festival of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, and the Walpurgis Night celebrations of the Germanic countries. Many pagan celebrations were abandoned or Christianized during the process of conversion in Europe. Various Neopagan groups celebrate reconstructed (to varying degrees) versions of these customs on May 1st. The day was a traditional summer holiday in many pre-Christian European pagan cultures.

Present Context

A more secular version of May Day continues to be observed in Europe and America. In this form, May Day may be best known for its tradition of dancing the maypole dance and crowning of the Queen of the May. Well, it is a fact that May Day, which the children do enjoy with all vibes in European and American countries, is not an overly prominent holiday. Yet, it does have a long and notable history as one of the world's principal festivals. 

As official International Workers' Day :-


In many countries, May Day is also Labour Day. This originates with the United States labour movement in the late 19th Century. On May 1, 1886, unions across the country went on strike, demanding that the standard workday be shortened to eight hours. The organizers of these strikes included socialists, anarchists, and others in organized labour movements. Rioting in Chicago's Haymarket Square on May 4th including a bomb thrown by an anarchist led to the deaths of a dozen people (including several police officers) and the injury of over 100 more.

In 1889, the first congress of the Second International, meeting in Paris, May Day was formally recognized as an annual event at the International's second congress in 1891.

Subsequently, the May Day Riots of 1894 occurred. In 1904, the International Socialist Conference meeting in Amsterdam called on "all Social Democratic Party organizations and trade unions of all countries to demonstrate energetically on May First for the legal establishment of the 8-hour day, for the class demands of the proletariat, and for universal peace."  The congress made it "mandatory upon the proletarian organizations of all countries to stop work on May 1, wherever it is possible without injury to the workers."

Present Context and the World

In almost all countries throughout the world, the working classes sought to make May Day an official holiday, and their efforts largely succeeded. May Day has long been a focal point for demonstrations by various socialist and communist groups. May Day has been an important official holiday in State-capitalist countries such as the People's Republic of China, Cuba and the erstwhile Soviet Union. May Day celebrations typically feature elaborate popular and military parades in these countries. In the United States and Canada, however, the official holiday for workers is Labour Day in September. It is celebrated as Worker’s Day in South Africa and other African nations. Although it continues to be celebrated in most countries under various names, sometimes the date varies to some extent.


The first May Day celebration in India was organised in Madras by the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan on May 1, 1923. This was also the first time the red flag was used in India. The party leader Singaravelu Chettiar made arrangements to celebrate May Day in two places in 1923. One meeting was held at the beach opposite to the Madras High Court; the other meeting was held at the Triplicane beach. The Hindu newspaper, published from Madras reported,

“The Labour Kisan party has introduced May Day celebrations in Chennai. Comrade Singaravelar presided over the meeting. A resolution was passed stating that the government should declare May Day as a holiday. The president of the party explained the non-violent principles of the party. There was a request for financial aid. It was emphasized that workers of the world must unite to achieve independence.”

May Day is a nationwide bank holiday in India. The holiday is tied to labour movements for communist and socialist political parties. 

India Post

While our department, India Post does not have any such connection with May Day, it would be interesting to note, the department considers our job as a service to the nation and not labour, hence there is no holiday on May 1st.

Through this post, we would like to draw the attention of the Government through our Circle and CHQ, to declare May 1st as a public holiday in near future. We want it not as an excuse to enjoy a holiday, but to pay tribute to the martyrs of Chicago's Haymarket Square, 1886.

If our wish is granted, we would commemorate this day in our Howrah Division, by organizing a huge blood donation camp on every May Day.

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