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• Welcome to our website • We warmly welcome the new Postal Assistant recruits of Howrah Division. Our heartiest congratulations on your selection! • "Sangeet Sandhya" - 2014 held on 8th November 2014 at Sarat Sadan Howrah Maidan, was a huge success • 36th Biennial Joint Conference of our Divisional Union concluded on 26.04.2015 at Prasastha,Andul. 15th Book Grant Distribution ceremony was a huge success. 110 students received the book grant

Holding of PA/SA Direct Recruitment for 2011 & 2012 through approved Outsourced Agency. Latest clerificatory order.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012 0 comments

PA/SA DR Examination
No. A-34012/5/2011-DE
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
(DE Section)
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi – 110 001
Dated: 25th September, 2012
All Chief Postmasters General,
Subject : Holding of PA/SA Direct Recruitment for 2011 & 2012 through approved
Outsourced Agency
I am directed to invite kind attention to the Directorate’s letters of even number dated
13-7-2012 and 31-08-2012 regarding conducting of PA/SA Direct Recruitment Examination for
filling up vacancies of Postal Assistants, Sorting Assistants, PA MMS, PA SBCO, PA RLO and PA
Foreign Post for the years 2011 & 2012.
2. The last date fixed for sale of application forms was prescribed as 25-09-2012.
Consequent on introduction of online downloading of application form, the last date for
online registration of applications was also prescribed as 25-09-2012.
3. In the instruction letter dated 13-07-2012, it was provided in Para 6 that “the issue of
ACG-67/UCR Receipt towards payment of examination fee for Rs. 200 will also be stopped
along with the last date fixed for sale of OMR AFK. In no circumstances, the issue of receipt
towards payment of examination fee and sale of OMR will be permitted after 25-9-2012.
4. The Competent Authority has now ordered to dispense with sale of application forms
and also online registration of Applications upto 20:00 Hours on 25-09-2012. However, in
order to benefit the candidates who have registered their online applications till 20:00 Hours
of 25-09-2012, the Agency will provide the applications to their e-mail IDs. As such
candidates may be permitted to pay their application fee and examination fee in the form of
ACG-67/UCR upto the last date prescribed for receipt of application i.e. 01-10-2012.
5. Suitable instructions may kindly be issued to all concerned post office in your Circle to
accept payments towards Application fee and examination fee from the candidates till 01-10-
2012. There is no change in the last date fixed for receipt of applications for normal areas and
for remote areas.
6. This issues with the approval of Competent Authority.
Yours faithfully,
(K. Rameswara Rao)
Asst. Director General (DE)
Copy forwarded to:
1. Shri Sanjeev Dham, Deputy General Manager, M/s CMC Ltd. Noida. He is requested to
ensure sending of applications to all the candidates who have registered online upto 20:00
Hours on 25-09-2012.
2. Shri Satish Kumar Dhingra, Regional Head-ITES, M/s CMC Ltd. Noida for kind
information and ensuring uploading of applications to all the candidates who have registered
3. Shri K. Ravi Babu, Deputy Director, CEPT, Mysore. He is requested to delink online
registration of applications from 20:00 Hours of 25-09-2012 from Indiapost website.
(K. Rameswara Rao)
Asst. Director General

Cabinet approves 7% hike in D.A. for Central Government Employees

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The Cabinet on Monday approved a hike of 7% in dearness allowance  for central government employees. This means, the D.A. will now be 72 % from the current 65 % of basic pay. 

        This will benefit about 50 lakh employees and 30 lakh pensioners across India.The revised D.A. will be applicable from 1st of July, 2012.

After The Successful Payment of the Arrears to the Substitutes of the GDS Employees, Now it's the time to get Re-Fixed the TRCA of the Newly Appointed GDS Employees (on or after 01.01.2006). So, Let Us Work Hard to Achieve Another Landmark.

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As you already know, that we are the first division in the South Bengal Region to disburse the said arrears, due to the implementation Nataraja Murthy Committee Report, to the substitutes of the GDS Employees of our Howrah Division. Now it’s our new task to implement the departmental order regarding the Re-Fixation of the TRCA of the newly appointed GDS Employees (on or after 01.01.2006) as per our earlier demand. For this job to be completed within one month, we have to work hard.  For this reason, we have to stand beside our GDS Union very strongly and hope that again our employees of the A/C's branches will give us their strong support, for which we will be again thankful to them. With this effort, we will definitely help about hundred GDS Employees of our division (appointed on or after 01.01.2006), to get their TRCA Re-Fixed immediately. Definitely they will also get some Arrears for this Re-Fixation of TRCA, which may need some more time. So, Comrades, don't delay in getting your application form for the said purpose, from our GDS Secretary Com. Asgar Ali Mullick, and apply immediately for the same to the SSPO's through the SDIP/ ASPO's concerned. Let us again make it another grand successful event !

Circle Union encouraged all comrades to get inspired from our ''Sangeet- Sandhya 2012''. Reproduced from the Circle Union's Website.

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Circle Union covers Sangeet Sandhya - 2012. Here what was published on their website.


     " Howrah Divisional Unions organised their traditional annual cultural evening on 8th September 2012 at Sarat Sadan, Howrah. Apart from cultural programs, financial assistance and book grants etc. had also been provided to the meritorious sons and daughters of our financially suffering comrades. They have also honoured an artist of Howrah who paints with his legs. Officers of the departments, our comrades from other divisions were present in the evening. From Circle Union, Com. Asim Deb (Group-C) and Com. Sanatan Das (P-IV) were present. Representative of 'GANADARPAN' were also there to support the simultaneous program of eye and body parts donation after death.

     Remarkably, comrades of Howrah Division had also handed over an assistance of Rs.5000/- to Circle Union for the family of Late Com. Balindranath Roy, ex-Part-time Nightguard, Domohani S.O. (Jalpaiguri Division), who was brutally murdered by miscreants in a nocturnal effort of robbery in his office.

       The Circle Unions have high regards to the consistency of the commitment with which the leaders and general members in Howrah Division is carrying on with the program years together. Hats off to the comrades.

The details of the program with photos are available at this link : . We suggest all comrades to get inspired by going through this link.  

Joint Demonstration at Howrah H.O. today at the call of CGCC, West Bengal. Strong Protest Recorded at Howrah H.O. jointly by the Postal & R.M.S.Employees of Howrah H.P.O. Building.

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       The Coordination Committee of Central Government Employees and Workers, West Bengal, has called to hold demonstration against the anti-people and unprecedented price-hike of diesel, limited supply of LPG cylinders at subsidised rate and allowing Foreign Direct Investment in Retail Market. The country has already been shaken up receiving the blow from its own Government.

       ''Please refer to our demands for the strike on last 28th February, where price-rise was one of the prime issues. This decision of the Government will further aggravate the situation and while the low-middle class and poor have to suffer the most, Central  Government Employees are not going to be spared from the heat. Already we have placed demand of D.A. merger from 01.01.2011 which has not been accepted. The demand of revision of pay through new Pay Commission is also there. While there is already serious job crunch in our country, the 'FDI in retail' decision is soon going to leave more people jobless after a possible initial temporary inflation. We all shall be compelled to purchase items at more costs from the corporates once they manage to capture the retail market satisfactorily. This is the reason behind the loud applause of the corporate house and their media for the Government.

       Concerned Ministry has already published a big notice in all leading dailies with fabricated statistics. The fallacies in that notification has also been identified. Please note that this is a part of the sustained struggle and has direct relation to the ensuing national-level strike called on 12th December 2012.''

         As per the call of CGCC, comrades of Howrah Postal Division, RMS WB Division and RMS SB Division jointly raised their voice today holding demonstration with all vigour and seriousness at Howrah H.P.O building during recess hours, against all these anti-people orders of the  Government, in the leadership of Com. Samir Bardhan, Circle Secretary, RMS R-III,WB Circle, Com. Bhola Bhattacharya, Secretary, CGCC, Howrah Division and Com. Pinaki Mandal, Secretary, AIPEU, Group - C,Howrah Division. The recess-hours demonstration morally supports all kind of protests against all the unwanted Government orders.

Soon, the postman will knock, tablet in hand. News from CHQ.

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Very soon, your friendly neighbourhood postman will bring along a tablet computer when he knocks at your door, to carry out all transactions related to delivery of cash, banking activities and a few more.

Infosys’ Vice-President and Head for India Business Raghu Cavale told Business Line that India Post is in talks with the IT major to source hardware and software for the next phase of its computerisation. This project will involve sourcing of low-cost 7-inch and 10-inch tablets and the development of apps for them. Infosys will also develop intellectual property (IP) out of its Bangalore office for these apps.

While the tablets will be used by the postman to enter data such as digital signatures and a delivery challan, the apps will be used by India Post to update its backend database in real time, helping it cut down on errors and fraud. India Post covers about 200 million customers across India and offers small savings schemes, postal life insurance, rural postal life insurance, pension payments and wage disbursements.

The postal department is looking at these solutions as a part of its modernisation drive and to increase operational effectiveness.

Growth forecast
On its part, Infosys sees its India business growing to about $1 billion in the next four years. It recently bagged a key IT outsourcing and consulting deal with India Post and another deal from the Income-Tax Department for its electronic TDS division.

At present, the India operations of Infosys contribute 2 per cent of its $7-billion revenues but the software major considers India one of its key emerging markets. This importance can be gauged from the fact that Infosys’ India business is one of the four verticals within Infosys that reports to the board directly.

The India Post project, which Infosys bagged recently, is worth Rs 700 crore. This project is aimed at spreading financial services across 1.5 lakh post offices in the country. As part of the project, Infosys will also install 1,000 ATMs for India Post to increase the effectiveness of its delivery channel. 

The Hindu Business Line, Sept 12, 2012

Our Next Task, Immediate Fixation of TRCA of the GDS Employees Appointed on or after 01.01.2006.


After the successful payment of the arrears to the substitutes of our GDS Employees, now our next task is to re-fix the TRCA's of the newly appointed GDS employees ( who were appointed on or after 01.01.2006 ), who were simply loosing their salary according to their work load. In our Howrah Division, we are trying hard to re-fix it before our great festive season begins. So, all of our comrades are requested, to encourage the new entrants GDS Employees to apply to the SSPO's Howrah Division, through proper channel, for the re- fixation of their TRCA immediately. Our GDS Secretary Com. Asgar Ali Mallick will provide them the proforma for submission of such applications. So, kindly contact with him immediately.

Lets give a Puja Bonanza to our new comrades & friends of FNPO as well.

The Required Training to be imparted to GDS BPMS & Others Prior to their Regular Appointment.

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DG(P) Lr. No.14-8/72-ED cell dated 18-08-1973

(i) For BPM :

(1) Preparation of mails and exchange of mail bags.
(2) Exchange of remittances.
(3) Delivery of parcel and accountable articles in PO and through EDDA.
(4) Booking of Registered articles.
(5) Acceptance of articles of recorded delivery.
(6) Booking of Money Orders (Book of Receipts)
(7) Savings Bank and PLI work.
(8) Current Postal Rates.
(9) Writing of BO journal.
(10) Writing of BO Account and preparation of Daily Account.
(11) Important irregularities to be reported at once.
(12) ED (Conduct&Service)Rules, 1964.
(13) Public Relations.

(ii) For EDDA : 

(1) Delivery of paid and accountable articles.
(2) Delivery of Money orders.
(3) Current postal rates.
(4) Sale of stamps while performing duty.
(5) Booking of registered articles while performing duty.
(6) Writing Postman Book and Book of intimation.
(7) Obtaining signatures of Visit Book from Headman of the Village.
(8) ED (Conduct & Service) Rules, 1964.
(9) Public Relations.


DG(P) Lr. No.17-220/88-ED Trg., dated 26-12-1988.

The duration of training will be 4 days  for EDBPMs  and 3 days for EDDAs who are to attend delivery work. 

The candidate selected for EDBPM post for appointment will be attached to Sub Divisional Inspector for the first two days and for the rest of two days, he will be attached to a Sub Post Office for practical training. 

The candidate selected for other ED posts where the incumbent is required to attend the delivery work will be imparted training before appointment for period of 3 days out of which the first two days, he will be  attached with SDI and the third day he will be attached to a Sub Post Office for practical training.

Officials working in the posts of PO & RMS Accountant posts are eligible for Special Allowance even after grant of MACP upgradation - Orders of Directorate.


Payment of the TRCA Arrear to the Substitutes of the GDS Employees due to implementation of Nataraja Murti Committee Report - We are the First Division in South Bengal Region – Again !


Dear Comrades, again a significant achievement by us. We have paid the arrears yesterday, due to the implementation of the report of Nataraja Murti Committee, to the substitutes of the GDS Employees, who has taken leave from their post during the period 2006-2009.

Probably, again we are the first division in the South Bengal Region to disburse these arrears to the said substitutes of the GDS Employees. It was a herculean task for us. Many many thanks to the employees and others related with the calculation work at the A/Cs branch of Howrah H.O. Hope the arrears will help the nominees of the GDS Employees.


A Historic Effort, “Sangeet – Sandhya”- 2012 ! Thank You all who made it a huge success !!

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Yes friends, it's true! Despite the heavy rainfall at the very beginning of that evening, with all your efforts and co-operation for this year's Sangeet - Sandhya, you have made it a historic one, because, this year's Sangeet - Sandhya was not just a mere cultural function, but it is also the beginning of a great social responsibility. 

 Com. Anjan Tribedi, BPM, Kanjiakhali B.O. performing the opening song of the Sangeet- Sandhya 2012.

             Com. Anjan Tribedi with our GDS Secretary Com. Asgar Ali Mallick on stage.

We have announced our commitment to the member of the public regarding our next movement towards the awareness program for the donation of eye (and other parts like kidney etc.) and human body after death for the benefit of the living and betterment of mankind. Not only that, we have extended our support to such an artist, who did not use his hands for any of his creations ! Because, due to Polio, he didn't have any strength in his hands and used to paint his dreams by his right leg ! We salute his spirit and wish him all success in his life. He is none other than Sri Ranjan Kurmi of Panchanantala, Howrah Maidan. 

    Sri Ranjan Kurmi, the artist from Panchanantala, Howrah, who created all his paintings with his legs.

   Sri Ranjan Kurmi with his one of the creations, with our Secretary P-IV Union Com. Bankim Dolui on stage.

Etv Bangla, one of the leading news channel of our state, has extended their full support to all our efforts in organising "SANGEET - SANDHYA 2012", at Sarat Sadan, Howrah Maidan on 08.09.2012. On that very night, they started their News Headline ( Etv News at 10:30 p.m.) on their TV Channel reporting about the 11th edition of "Sangeet-Sandhya" - 2012. 

This is a video clip of Etv News Headline of 08.09.2012, in which they covered Sangeet Sandhya 2012. It was recorded from T.V. on a mobile phone. We have requested Etv Bangla to provide us the live recording of the show. It's a time consuming process, so please pardon the poor quality for the time being. © Etv Bangla.

As usual, we have given a warm encouragement on stage to the 6 successful students of our division (children of our employees), who have scored 75% or more marks in the Madhyamik Pariksha 2012 or H.S.Examination 2012.

   Students receiving gifts & blessings from our honb'le guests on stage.

Also, as per our tradition, special book-grant (of Rs.3000 each) was given to the selected 5 extraordinary candidates belongs to financially poor families of West Bengal.

A separate event of special book-grant distribution ceremony touched everyone's heart, when we gave gifts and blessings alongwith Rs.10,000 as special book-grant to Sri Suman Ganguly, son of Sri Siburam Ganguly (Postman Santragachi S.O.)

                 Suman Ganguly, son of Com. Shiburam Ganguly with his parent on stage.

From the administration side, Sri Asit Bag, ASPO's 1st Sub Division, Howrah, Sri Nirmal Kr. Pal, Sr. Postmaster, Howrah H.O., Sri A.K. Maity, Ex.SSPO's, Howrah Divsion were present on stage. We are really thankful to all of them for their valuable presence. In his speech, Sri A.K. Maity expressed the necessity of this kind of programs throughout the Circle.

                         Sri Nirmal Kr. Pal, Sr. Postmaster, Howrah H.O. delivering his speech.

        Sri A.K.Maity, our Ex. SSPO'S sharing his experience for the fifth time on stage.   

Com. Ashim Deb, Convenor of Sangrami Dak Sub-Committe and Com. Sanatan Das were present as the Circle Union's representativesSri Swapan Bandhu, Honble Secretary of ''GANADARPAN'' was also present on stage as our special guest and very nicely, in his speech, explained the importance of our special awareness programme regarding donation of body parts after death. Com. Jayanta Malakar, Assistant Secretary, North Kolkata Division and Com. Adhir Das, Secretary, South Presidency Division were also present in the function. We are really thankful to all of them for their valuable presence.

    Com. Ashim Deb receiving Rs. 5000 on behalf of Circle Union, for the family of Late Com. Balindranath Roy of Jalpaiguri Division during  his short emotional speech on stage.

        Com. Swapan Bondhu, Secretary, Ganadarpan, delivering his valuable speech.

As per the decision of our last working committee meeting, we have extended our support to the family of Late Com. Balindranath Roy, a part time night guard of Jalpaiguri Division by donating Rs. 5000 through our Circle Union. The amount was handed over to Com. Ashim Deb on stage for its onward transmission to the family of that real hero of Jalpaiguri Division, who was murdered on duty while saving the departmental cash.

    Com. Angshuman Debnath, PA, Shibpur S.O. at the time of his performance.

  With all these events, our beloved Com. Angshuman Debnath, PA, Sibpur S.O. performed modern songs. Com. Moumita Mandal and Com. Rima Dey were equally good in their dance performances. Miss Sutanwi Das (daughter of one of our colleague Smt.Chandra Das), performed Bharatnatyam in a very nice manner. Everyone present on that evening appreciated their performances.

Rima Dey and Moumita Mandal , in their first performance of the evening.

Sutanwi Das, while performing on stage.

Rima and Moumita, in their second performance.

 Our two superb hosts of the show, Com. Prasanta Bhattacharya, PA, HOWRAH H.O.(above) & Com. Shubhrangshu Roy, PA, BAGNAN S.O.(below) in action.

  Between the two events, the great anchors of this Sangeet - Sandhya, Com. Prasanta Bhattacharya and Com. Shubhrangshu Roy, gave some message to the audience for a special social cause, through their onstage drama.

   Souvik Parbat (Ratul), one of the rising star of Bengal performing modern song on stage.

  After that drama, a very promising singer, Master Souvik Parbat (Ratul), one of the genius students of Smt. Swagata Lakshmi Dasgupta (renowned singer), made us spellbound with his beautiful voice, performing a melodious song of Smt. Hoimonti Shukla. We hope, Ratul will be a great singer in future.

               Sri Subhankar Bhaskar, star of the evening, performing on stage.

  At last, Sri Subhankar Bhaskar, star of the evening, took the stage and the energy level of the auditorium swelled. Everyone applauded his excellent voice and superb tonal quality. Audience enjoyed the show till the end.

But, it has to be mentioned, that due to the heavy rain in the evening, at the beginning of the function, many have missed the chance to attend the program. We deeply feel sorry for them. But in any case, it was beyond everyone's control. Again we are thankful to all those, who just ignored the rain and enjoyed the evening till the end. Thank you all comrades, to make it a huge success !!

P.S. :- For more photos and videos of "Sangeet Sandhya - 2012", check our Cultural Activities page

Sit-In Demonstration Program Tomorrow Called By Circle JCA & by Our All India Part-Time Organisation.

Monday, 3 September 2012 0 comments

Please refer to the blog of Circle Union dated 30th August below, where the programs of 4th September 2012 were given. 

As mentioned therein, a 4-hours sit-in demonstration has to be organised by the Circle JCA (West Bengal Circle Unions of NFPE & FNPO) on the demands against outsourcing of permanent work in RMS wing as well as the unilateral introduction of new mail schedule from 6th August 2012 for the reasons discussed in the referred blog in details. A memorandum to those effects has to be sent to the Chief Postmaster General and PMG (MM), West Bengal Circle. The memorandum should preferably be signed by the Divisional JCA, i.e., by all secretaries of NFPE & FNPO, if possible, otherwise may be submitted separately.

        Please also refer to the same blog regarding holding of a sit-in demonstration simultaneously by our All India Part-Time organisation on the much-discussed demands of the Part-time/DRM/Contingent-paid comrades. The memorandum has already been circulated among the Divisional Secretaries of Part-time organisation during the Circle Conference held in South Kolkata Division few days back.  This memorandum is required to be signed by our Divisional Secretaries only, not by Divisional level JCA. 

       All of our Divisional/ Branch Unions will please take the responsibilities towards success of both the above programs.

Reproduced From The Circle Union's Web Site.

 Note : The programme will be observed at Howrah H.O. on 04.09.2012 in the 4th floor from 02:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., jointly with the N.F.P.E. group of R.M.S. employees union, R.M.S. W.B. & S.B. division. Join in mass to make it a grand success.

Alert !! PA / SA Direct Recruitment application kits will be available ONLINE from 03.09.2012 to 25.09.2012 only.

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Good News for applicants of PA / SA Recruitment 2011 & 2012. You can get it through Online.

DTE has requested the outsourced agency to print 10 lacs OMR kits for sale throughout India through selected POs. Due to huge demand of forms, it is difficult to print within this short period. Hence DTE has decided to upload the forms in to downloaded by the applicants.

Online application kits will be available in from 03.09.12 to 25.09.12 only.

Those applied through OMR kits need not apply again.

Online Procedure :
  • Click “Register Online” link.
  • Enter the details like 
    • Name 
    • DoB 
    • E Mail ID
  • Click Submit button.

The following forms will be sent to the provided email ID within 24 hrs.
  • Special instruction sheet.
  • Application form.
  • Instruction sheet / Information brochure (11 sheets).

Fees :
  • Cost of Application form -   INR 50
  • Exam fee –  INR 200. Female, SC, ST & PH applicants are exempted, however they should pay  INR 50.

Total Rs. 250 should be paid under Unclassified Receipts through any POs and attach Original alongwith the Application form. Applicants can keep Xerox copies.

Applications should forward through either Speed Post or Regd Post (other means not accepted) to the following address.

Direct Recruitment Cell,
New Delhi HO,
New Delhi 110 001.

Applicants can check the status in

For more details, please refer the advertisement of the concerned Circles.
Dte Memo No : A-34012 / 5 /2011-DE Dt. 31.08.12.

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