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The Required Training to be imparted to GDS BPMS & Others Prior to their Regular Appointment.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

DG(P) Lr. No.14-8/72-ED cell dated 18-08-1973

(i) For BPM :

(1) Preparation of mails and exchange of mail bags.
(2) Exchange of remittances.
(3) Delivery of parcel and accountable articles in PO and through EDDA.
(4) Booking of Registered articles.
(5) Acceptance of articles of recorded delivery.
(6) Booking of Money Orders (Book of Receipts)
(7) Savings Bank and PLI work.
(8) Current Postal Rates.
(9) Writing of BO journal.
(10) Writing of BO Account and preparation of Daily Account.
(11) Important irregularities to be reported at once.
(12) ED (Conduct&Service)Rules, 1964.
(13) Public Relations.

(ii) For EDDA : 

(1) Delivery of paid and accountable articles.
(2) Delivery of Money orders.
(3) Current postal rates.
(4) Sale of stamps while performing duty.
(5) Booking of registered articles while performing duty.
(6) Writing Postman Book and Book of intimation.
(7) Obtaining signatures of Visit Book from Headman of the Village.
(8) ED (Conduct & Service) Rules, 1964.
(9) Public Relations.


DG(P) Lr. No.17-220/88-ED Trg., dated 26-12-1988.

The duration of training will be 4 days  for EDBPMs  and 3 days for EDDAs who are to attend delivery work. 

The candidate selected for EDBPM post for appointment will be attached to Sub Divisional Inspector for the first two days and for the rest of two days, he will be attached to a Sub Post Office for practical training. 

The candidate selected for other ED posts where the incumbent is required to attend the delivery work will be imparted training before appointment for period of 3 days out of which the first two days, he will be  attached with SDI and the third day he will be attached to a Sub Post Office for practical training.


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