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Joint Demonstration at Howrah H.O. today at the call of CGCC, West Bengal. Strong Protest Recorded at Howrah H.O. jointly by the Postal & R.M.S.Employees of Howrah H.P.O. Building.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

       The Coordination Committee of Central Government Employees and Workers, West Bengal, has called to hold demonstration against the anti-people and unprecedented price-hike of diesel, limited supply of LPG cylinders at subsidised rate and allowing Foreign Direct Investment in Retail Market. The country has already been shaken up receiving the blow from its own Government.

       ''Please refer to our demands for the strike on last 28th February, where price-rise was one of the prime issues. This decision of the Government will further aggravate the situation and while the low-middle class and poor have to suffer the most, Central  Government Employees are not going to be spared from the heat. Already we have placed demand of D.A. merger from 01.01.2011 which has not been accepted. The demand of revision of pay through new Pay Commission is also there. While there is already serious job crunch in our country, the 'FDI in retail' decision is soon going to leave more people jobless after a possible initial temporary inflation. We all shall be compelled to purchase items at more costs from the corporates once they manage to capture the retail market satisfactorily. This is the reason behind the loud applause of the corporate house and their media for the Government.

       Concerned Ministry has already published a big notice in all leading dailies with fabricated statistics. The fallacies in that notification has also been identified. Please note that this is a part of the sustained struggle and has direct relation to the ensuing national-level strike called on 12th December 2012.''

         As per the call of CGCC, comrades of Howrah Postal Division, RMS WB Division and RMS SB Division jointly raised their voice today holding demonstration with all vigour and seriousness at Howrah H.P.O building during recess hours, against all these anti-people orders of the  Government, in the leadership of Com. Samir Bardhan, Circle Secretary, RMS R-III,WB Circle, Com. Bhola Bhattacharya, Secretary, CGCC, Howrah Division and Com. Pinaki Mandal, Secretary, AIPEU, Group - C,Howrah Division. The recess-hours demonstration morally supports all kind of protests against all the unwanted Government orders.


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