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'' Discrimination between Departmental and GDS employees in respect of ceiling on amount for calculation of Bonus'', S.S.Mahadevaiah writes to D.G.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

GDS/CHQ/10/6/2008 Dated: 12.09.2011


Sm. Radhika Doraiswamy,
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhawan,
New Delhi-110001

Subject:- Discrimination between Departmental and GDS employees in respect of ceiling on amount for calculation of Bonus.

We feel that the theory of pegging the ceiling on pay to certain amount not with standing the actual amount of pay and fixing Rs. 3500/- for departmental employees and Rs 2500/- for GDS employees has not received correct assessment. The pay of Rs. 3500/- or Rs. 2500/- has not been fixed on scientific basis. The bonus is to be calculated taking the amount of Rs. 3500/- as pay be what so ever the actual pay. The principle is that where is pay is more than 3500/-the bonus will be calculated on Rs. 3500/- as pay. Supposing the average annual pay of an employee—departmental or GDS. (as in case of seasonal employees)—the bonus has to be calculated on his actual pay. If such average salary is less than Rs. 3500/- This principle does not make any difference between departmental and GDS employees. Where the pay of the GDS is more than Rs. 3500/- it has to be pegged down to the fixed amount. But this principle does not justify the lesser amount of Rs. 2500/-. In case, the bonus were to be fixed on the basis of actual pay or ratio between the class of employees, there would been a higher ceiling for HSG-I officer, and lesser ceiling for a group 'D' (now multi functional Group 'C'). The principle of Bonus being a deferred wage is not fully observed in making two different pay-ceilings.
Had the bonus to be calculated on the actual amount of pay, the GDS employees would not have any qualm regarding lesser bonus because it would be according to law.
For the purpose of arriving at the number of days for which bonus is to be granted, an HSG-I employees is taken as one unit and also a group 'D'. There is no separate yard stick for calculation on the basis of quality of work or pay of the incumbent. Similarly, since generally, the pay of a GDS employees are more than Rs. 3500/- it has to be pegged down to Rs. 3500/- and where the emoluments are less than Rs. 3500/-, the bonus has to be calculated on the actual pay.
The principle does not call for any discrimination and has to be considered to the principle of deferred wage.
We, therefore, request you kindly to take necessary action at your level, that this discrimination is put an end to and ceiling for GDS employees also be raised to the amount equal for all other employees.

With regards,
Yours faithfully,


General Secretary,
All India Postal Extra Departmental Employees Union.


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