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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

“The essence of the knowledge is, having it, to apply it; not having it, to confess your ignorance.” - Confucius.

First Trade Union Study Camp of Howrah Division, organised by NFPE Group of Postal Unions, Howrah Divisional Branch, was held at Howrah H.P.O. on 3rd and 4th March 2012. A good number of all classes of employees (i.e. PA, Postman and GDS) more than hundred in numbers, belonging to the age group of 19 years to 59 years of our Division, attended that study camp with their passionate spirit to make the camp a grand success. We have also invited members of FNPO; and there were two delegates from the National Group-C Union, Howrah Division, who have attended the study camp. We are congratulating them for their spirit.

The camp was inaugurated by Sri Jagannath Sarkar, Sr. Postmaster, Howrah H.P.O. on 3rd March at 05:30 p.m. Com. Pinaki Mandal, Secretary, A.I.P.E.U., Group-C, Howrah Divisional Branch, addressed the delegates on 3rd March, 2012 offering warm welcome to all and described the underlying idea and essence of the Study Camp in details .

Work paper, study material on department ruling and GDS ruling, one Xerox copy of the work paper given at ‘’Puri Study Camp’’ were distributed among the delegates on that day. 

Classes were taken on 4th March by 
  1. Com. Gouranga Deb Maity, Assistant General Secretary on Disciplinary Proceedings & Departmental Rulings)
  2. Com. Shibsankar Roy, Ex-Circle Secretary of A.I.P.E.U., Group - C, West Bengal Circle & Joint Convenor of State 12th July Committee on History of the Postal Trade Union Movement & our task
  3. Sri A.K. Maity, Sr. Supdt. of North Kolkata Division on RTI Act, 2005 and its application.

Gracious presence of Com. Ashim Deb, Convenor, Sangrami Dak Patrika, Com. Swarup  Ghanti, Secretary,AIPEU,Group-C, Asansol Division, Com. Sudipta Giri, Asansol Division, Com. Sirshendu Sahoo, Secreatary, AIPEU, Group C, Tamluk Division, Com. Samit Mukherjee, Assistant Secretary, AIPEU Group - C, Kolkata G.P.O., Com. Jayanta Malakar, Assistant Secretary, AIPEU Group-C, North Kolkata Division and Com. Niladri Pal, Financial Secretary, South Hooghly Division inspired all the delegates of the study camp.

Com. Pinaki mondal, Secretary, A.I.P.E.U., Group-C, Howrah Divisional Branch conducted the Question, Answer Session and Discussion Session on some common problems and Examination on all staff related matters and rulings. Guidelines of Meghdoot Version 7.0 ( brilliantly prepared and designed by Com. Jayanta Chanda, Organising Secretary of A.I.P.E.U., Group-C, Howrah Divisional Branch ) was distributed to all the SPMs of computerised Sub offices (along with the visitors from other divisions), who were present as delegates on 4th March.

The reception committee under the able and dynamic leadership of Com. Pinaki Mondal, Secretary, A.I.P.E.U., Group-C, Com.Swapan Mondal, President, A.I.P.E.U., Group-C, Com. Bankim Dolui, Secretary, A.I.P.E.U., Postman & Group-D, Com. Sunil Hazra, President, A.I.P.E.U., Postman & Group-D, Com. Asgar Ali Mallick, Secretary, A.I.P.E.D.E.U. and Com. Pankaj Ghara, President, A.I.P.E.D.E.U. made an excellent arrangement for the camp.

We congratulate all the comrade, delegates and our working committee members (specially who has played a big supportive role in it) for extending their full co-operation and support to make the Trade Union Study Camp a grand success.

Note : Special thanks to Com. K.V. Sridharan, our G.S., for the experience & inspirations of All India Study Camp, Puri, which we have implemented in our Camp. One copy of the workpaper on the day to day computer operations at computerised Sub Offices, was handed over to Com. Ashim Deb with an earnest request to distribute a copy of it to all the Divisional Secretaries, who will attend the Circle Study Camp at Kolkata GPO. It was really a brilliant work by Com. Jaynta Chanda, System Assistant & Instructor, WCTC Howrah H.O. 

The highest scorer of the last examination (taken at the end of the Study Camp), will be given the elusive opportunity to attend the Circle Study Camp on 10th & 11th March at Kolkata GPO.


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