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Movement Against Outsourcing of RMS Work & Anti-People / Anti-Employee Mail Schedule : Circle Level JCA With FNPO Calls For Everyone's Participation : Reproduced from the Circle Union's Web Site.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

The flag of legacy of struggle-movement of Postal Employees in West Bengal Circle has once again been held high as a new series is launched by Circle JCA comprising of all federated unions of NFPE & FNPO with respective GDS unions. This is against the outsourcing of RMS work, which could have easily be done by available manpower, and unilateral implementation of a new mail schedule from 6th August 2012 which is practically dismantling the delivery system.


AMPC at New Delhi, reportedly costing about 42 crores. 
  • Against outsourcing and contractorisation of Postal work : Most of the letter-traffics are supposed to be sorted through two AMPC (Automated Mail Processing Center) machines installed at Kolkata Airport Sorting. But a segregation is required to differentiate between machinable and non-machinable articles. This originally is the work of departmental RMS staffs like Group-D. IF sufficient numbers of Group-D (MTS) staffs are not available, the staff-sides agreed to accept engagement of DRMs for this work due to prevailing reality. Already there are good numbers of DRM engaged in the RMS for different work due to shortage of staff. But the Circle Administration is engaging contractors (and their labours) to get this work done instead of departmental staffs or DRMs. As segregation work is a permanent nature of work of RMS, all unions have agreed not to accept the plan of making the door open for contractors inside our department. Already we have halted the practice at Airport Sorting. 
  • Against the new mail schedule : The Circle Administration has unilaterally introduced a new mail schedule in Kolkata and adjacent areas from 6th August which is absolutely unrealistic and detrimental to the delivery system. In many Post Offices Mail Van has ceased to ply and those offices have been directed to collect their mail by deputing their office Group-D (MTS) staff to a transit office. As a result, offices already suffering from staff-shortage are being deprived from the service of the Group-D staff for a good period of time. In many offices where mail vans are still plying, mail is reaching before or even after the closing hour of the office, resulting in overstayal of the office-staffs without justified reason. In some of the offices, especially at the periphery of the city, transit of mail has been increased by one day. At different RMS offices, huge number of bags of letters have been piled up due to faulty system, which is also drawing attention of the media. The news  and report of the demonstration program by Circle JCA on 27th August at Yogayog Bhavan has been published in 'GANASHAKTI' on 28th August.
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Actually, the administration wants to lead to privatise the mail motor. If we let the contractorisation of permanent work and the new mail schedule to work, gradually more work will be outsourced and this will ultimately invite a PPP-model in our department, thereby leading more posts to abolition and contributing to the increasing unemployment. 

      Against these attacks and conspiracies, West Bengal Circle NFPE and FNPO have successfully formed a JCA under the convenership of Com. Samir Bardhan (NFPE) and Sri Panchu Gopal Dutta Banik (FNPO). All Circle Unions of both sides are proud to be the part of this historic JCA. Alreday JCA has organised demonstration at C.O. on 27th August, daily programs at RMS units from 28th August and in all divisions on 29th August. Call has been announced to hold gate meetings / meetings at public places to reveal the reason of delayed delivery of articles. Comrades are also requested to display posters at all offices.

     On 4th September 2012, a four-hour sit-in protest demonstration has to be organised at all divisions on the basis of the above discussion and a resolution has to be adopted and sent to the Chief PMG and PMG(MM). All these programs have been called both by NFPE & FNPO under the banner of the Circle JCA. So our comrades are requested to please build up broader unity in each division for the sake of protecting the department. Even if at some places there are local issues, please go on with the movement on our own strength.

      On the same day, our All India Part-Time Contingent-paid workers' Union has also called a sit-in demonstration. Both programs will run simultaneously, but the resolution for the Part-time organisation will be signed by only our union as it is our All India program.

There is no time left to spare or think. Please deploy all of our organisational strength, we have to achieve success in this struggle.


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