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Haryana Circle - PA/SA Examination Held on 27.04.2014- Questions & Answers

Friday, 16 May 2014



Question Booklet Series-C

1. How many teams are participating in IPL 2014?
Ans.:B: 8

2. Who is the deputy speaker of Lok Sabha at present?
Ans.:C: Kariya Munda

3. Who is presently the chairman of the finance commission?
Ans.: A : Dr Vijay L Khelkar

Yv Reddy  is the chairman of 14 Finance commission. But now 13th commission is on running .

4. The Vidhan Sabha of Haryana is ___ and comprises ____ members of legsilativeAssembly.
Ans: :A: Unicameral, 90

5. What is the motto of ICC
Ans:C:  Great Sport and Great Spirit

6. Open market operations mean:
Ans: B: Purchase and sale of securities by the Central Bank

7. Which of the following does not affect credit creation power of Commericial Bank.
Ans:B: Statutory liquidity ratio

8. How many players are there in each side of a Basketball game:
Ans.:A: 5

9. O2, CO2 and N2 being the life supporting gases are chiefly concentrated in:
Ans:C: Troposphere

10. The Chipko Andolan is asscociated with:
Ans. B: Trees

11. Instrument for measuring humidity .Ans:A: Hygrometer

12. Female reproductive part of 
flowerAns: A : Pistil

13. A stick immensed in water appears bent due 
toAns:  : C

14. If a question arise whether a bill is money bill or 
notAns: B : speaker of house of people15. Which article of constitute of IndiaAns: A : 122

16. Constitution of Parliament as per article 79 of the
Ans: B : President, council of states and the house of the people

17. In the freedom movement of India the year 1930  is associated with
Ans: A: Dandi March

18. Where is the tomb of Shahjahan is  situated
Ans: B : Tajmahal

19. Balghat mines is famous for
Ans: A: Bauxite deposits

20. Longest day in Southern hemisphere
Ans: C: Dec 21

21.Which of the following extreme locations connected by East West corridor
Ans: C : Silchar and porbandar

22.” Jagannath Pahadia “ is present Governor of
Ans: B: Haryana

23. Next Winter Olympics will be held at
Ans: D : Pyeongchang, south korea

24. Dadashaeb Phalke award for the year 2013 awarded to
Ans: C: Gulzar

25.Who is the Chief Justice of India as on date
Ans: B: Rajendra Mal Lodha


Question Booklet Series-C

26. Arun can build up a structure in 8 days and vinod____
Ans: A: 7 by 1/3 days

27. The average age of a husband and wife who were_____
Ans: B : 2 years

28. Pramod takes twice as much time as alok_____
Ans: B: 6 days

29. A train croses a platform in 30 seconds ______
Ans: B : 300 meters

30. The area of a circle  is 1386 sq cm what is _____
Ans: A : 132 Cm

31. If Rs 500 amount to Rs583.20 in 2 years compounded annually  ___
Ans:B : 8%

32.  The ratio between the present ages of Daisy and Rosy.____
Ans: C : 31 Years

33.In how many years, a sum will  thrice_____
Ans: B: 20 Years

34.Manju saves Rs 200 at the end of each year and ___
Ans: B : Rs 662.02

35. The Simple interest accured on an amount of Rs 25000___
Ans: C : Rs 9012.224

36. The radius of a circular wheel is 1.75 meters___
Ans:D :4000

37. A sum of money divided among 160 males____
Ans:D : 280

38. If A:B= 3:4 and B: C=5:6 then A;b;C=?__
Ans: D :15:20:24

39.43+Suareroot 7+86-158_______
Ans: B : 841

40. 3+1/  ___
Ans: C; 1

41.919.999+25.002X 13.996___
Ans: C : 515

42. Meena bought a mobile set with 20% discount___
Ans: C :Rs 20000

43. Sohan purchased an item for rs 6500 and sold___
Ans: B: loss of Rs 52

44. If (58)2 is added to the square of a number______
Ans: C : 94

45. The product of two consecutive odd numbers_____
Ans: B: 91

46. A numer consists of 3 digits whose sum is 10____
Ans: A:

47. The difference between 88% of a number____
Ans: D: 2025

48. one third of the marks scored by Ram___
Ans: C: 48

49. The length and width of rectangular wall____
Ans: C : Rs 20160

50. The circumstance of a circle is twice the perimeter of a rectangle____
Ans: A : 2625 Sq cm


Question Booklet Series-C

51. Three out of four are collective nouns except one____
Ans: B : Tree

52. Plural of the word die which means stamps for coining
Ans: B : Dies:

53. Identify the wrong pair of singular_____
Ans: D: goose-Gooses

54. those grapes___Sour
Ans: A:  Are lasting

55. Ram___ to Kolkata yesterday______
Ans: A: Went

56. Identify the wrong sentence_____
Ans: D : She is seeming sad

57. Ravi said “ I am fond of tea”
Ans: C;  Ravi said that he was fond of tea

58. the teacher said “ India became free in 1947”
Ans: B: The teacher said that India became free in 1947

59. He said that it might rain that day
Ans: A: He said “It may rain today”

60. Indulge
Ans: A :  Regress

61. Repulsive
Ans: D: Attractive

62. Frivolous
Ans: C:  trivial

63. Uncouth
Ans: A; Unmannerly

64.The tiger  was moving___ the herd of buffaloes
Ans: B: Towards

65. The old man may not live__ the winter
Ans: B : by

66. Butter is made__ milk
Ans: D : From

67. A sub Inspector is two ranks___ a DSP
Ans: A : Below

68.I have not seen Tony lately. He is nearly_____
Ans: D: 6

69. Govind reads quite clearly
Ans: C :Quite

70. Identify the sentence in which word is used as adverb
Ans: A: He spoke in a loud voice

71. _____bold word used as conjunction
Ans: D : 1,2,3 and 4 all

72.  In which of the following option, the conjunction joins two words only
Ans: C :  two and two make four

73. Such an act would not be kind____it were just
Ans:B: Even if

74. point out the sentence with coordinating conjunction _
Ans: A : He ran away because he was afraid

75.  Three have the singular and plural alike exceptone__-
Ans: D: Ox


Question Booklet Series-C

76. In certain code ‘INTERCHANGE” is writtenas_____

77. If “+” means “-“, “-“ means “X”______
Ans: C : 5

78. Hindhi students who study English but not Maths are represented by
A ns: C : 2

79. English students who study_____
Ans: D : 5

80. Which number represent who study Hindi, English___
Ans: B; 3

81. If Praveens mother was Sohans____
Ans; C : Maternal uncle

82. How many female members are there in the family___
Ans: C: Two or three

83. How is A related to D
Ans: C : Grandson/ Granddaughter

84. Which of the following statement is definitely true___
Ans: C : F is father of the engineer

Ans: A : 144516178

86. Odd one out
Ans: D : Parrot

87. Odd one out
Ans: D : Kanpur

88. Odd one out
Ans: D : Female

89. Select the missing number from the given responses____
Ans: D :  None of these

90.3, 15, 35,?, 99
Ans: B : 63

91. Rajeev is twice as old as Sanjeev but twice younger_____
Ans: C : Ramesh and Neeraj

92.  A is b brother, C is D’s father,, E is B’s mother____
Ans: A : Wife

93. Ajeet  is older than Bimal but younger than Saleem____
Ans: B : Jai

94. Lata walks 14 meters towards west, then turns to _____
Ans:C : 24 meters

95. A group of friends are sitting in an arrangement one each_____
Ans: A : Ramesh

96. Which one of the given responses would be______
Ans: B: i,iii,v,ii,iv (Infant,Child,Adolescent,Audlt, Old)

97.rekhas position from the right is
Ans: C : 13

98.After exchange of positions between Bela and Manju____
Ans: B : 12

99. Originally Nitas position from the left is
Ans: D :14

100.  If GUN= 42, MUST= 73, then VEIN =?
Ans: B : 50

We do not accept any responsibility in relation to the accuracy, correctness of answers or otherwise, of the contents.


Courtesy - Akula Praveen


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