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Friday, 25 July 2014

                                                             HOWRAH DIVN.
                          4, SADAR BAXI LANE, HOWRAH-711 101.

The Sr. Supdt. of Post Offices,
Howrah Division,
Howrah-711 101.

No. Memorandum/How/July/2014                                                                                  Dated: 24-07-2014.
Sub: Submission of a memorandum to solve some burning divisional problems.

            This is for your kind information that at the call of NFPE Group of Postal Unions, Howrah Division organised a “Deputation” at 17.00 hrs on 24-07-2014 before your chamber and all the burning problems as faced by all cross-sections of postal employees of our division is submitted herewith in a form of a “Memorandum” for its speedy settlement. Otherwise, we have to start strong trade union movement through out the division. Hope, you will take immediate steps towards the settlement of the following issues.

1.      Non-holding of DPC for the vacancies of the departmental quota of Postman & MTS Cadre (to be filled from the senior GDS officials) since long.
2.      Non-holding of DPC for remaining MACP cases in respect of PA, Postman & MTS cadre.
3.      Abnormal and illegal “redeployment” of Postman Employees in the PA cadre at Howrah HO.
4.      Partial and motivated role of the divisional administration regarding the implementation of the order of termination of attachment of Group-C employees, violating the instruction issued by the Postmaster General, South Bengal Region.
5.      Forced Merger of the Business Office of Howrah Division with the RMS, WB Division by the administration without taking the views of the Service Union, resulting in loss of revenue.
Note: - After merger of Business Office of Howrah Division, major portion of the business has been unattended by the MBC, Howrah RMS (WB Division).
6.      Abnormal & whimsical closure of all the un-settled old agenda in the minutes of our monthly meeting due to unilateral decision of the divisional administration and distorting the fact .
7.      Filling up of all the vacant GDS posts thorough out the division.
8.      Provide the manpower in the vacant posts/sudden leave vacancies of Postman & MTS cadre.
9.      Proper manning & beat arrangement of various offices after taking latest  EST-2 & EST-3 of various offices as per the departmental rules.
Note:- Due to functioning of “Nabannya” under the jurisdiction of Shibpur SO, huge mail are being received by Shibpur SO, but no extra manpower has been provided to that SO. Similarly, Post Offices like Santragachi, Baksara, GIP Colony and Delta Mill SO have been suffering due to daily receipt of heavy pressure of mail.

10.  Timely supply of good quantity computer papers, printers, scanners and other related accessories and computer peripherals.
11.  Non-settlement of various building problems providing urinals & latrines and arrangement of purified drinking water.
12.  Non-drawal of various allowances to the staff of this division without any valid reason.
Note:- Legitimate allowances for the staff of the division are denied by divisional authority without assigning proper reason.

Date:  24.07.2014.                                                                                    (Signature of the President
Place: HOWRAH-1.                                                                                  of the Meeting)


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